GPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19, Upcoming Jobs Notification, Exam Dates

By | August 17, 2018

GPSC Calendar 2018: The Gujarat PSC is the authority which conduct various recruitment exams. Every year GPSC release the Annual exam calendar and schedule recruitment exams according the dates provided in Gujarat GPSC Exam Calendar pdf. We are also discussing the GPSC Upcoming Exam Dates and Schedule here.

Gujarat GPSC Exam Calendar 2018

The Gujarat Public Service Commission is the govt appointed authority to select the Skilled and Eligible staff for the Govt Jobs in Various departments. Currently various GPSC Recruitment 2018 are in process. The willing  Applicants who are going get jobs in the Gujarat state and are Seeking for the upcoming Govt Jobs In the Gujarat they are Detailed that they Can get the updated news about to the GPSC Recruitment Notification from the below Section. The Gujarat Public Service Commission as GPSC is a state association which is the responsible for the conducting of the recruitment process of the state civil services officers via the Competitive Exams (GPSC Examinations) / personal interviews. Please take have a look at the complete details regarding GPSC Exam Calendar 2018. The Upcoming GPSC Vacancy Exam Detail is mentioned here.

GPSC Latest & Upcoming Vacancy Exam Dates & Schedule is given below. Scroll down for more updates.

Gujarat GPSC Exam Calendar

GPSC Exam Calendar 2018/ Upcoming Exam Dates

Download GPSC Recruitment Exam Calendar in the format of pdf from here. The Candidates  who are on the way to perform for the recruitment procedure of the state civil services officers / Gujarat PSC Recruitment via the Competitive Examination (GPSC Exams) / personal interviews to the services of the State Govt of Gujarat and now seeking for the GPSC Gujarat Exam Calendar 2018-19 than you are here at the right platform. The all content of GPSC Exam Calendar 2018 like Exam Dates, name of Vacancy, Number of Posts, Application Form Start Date, last Date etc available here.

The Applicants can register for the listed Gujarat Public Service Commission Recruitment Announcement on or before the closing date by the filling form via this web page and take GPSC Vacancy. The Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) has also made some norms of the process in order to the regulate its method in relating to the performance of its functions.

Upcoming GPSC Recruitment Exam Dates 2018

GPSC Exam Calendar: The Gujarat was the main point of power, education & Indian culture in ancient and traditional in India and it is the main important state in the India with the area of 94,163 km square. The number Population of this state is 103,804,637, which is large growing. But to the Literacy rate of this Gujarat is total 63.4%, where the literacy rate for the male candidates is 73.4% & for women, candidates are the 53.3% only.

Upcoming GPSC Vacancy Calendar 2018

Post Name Vacancies Advertisement Date Tentative Date of Prelim Exam
Assistant Engineer (Civil), Class-2 (R&B) 212 15-11-2018 03-03-2019
Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector, Class-3 25 15-11-2018 03-03-2019
Hindi Stenographer, Grade II 1 15-11-2018 03-03-2019
ICT Officer, Class-2 31 15-10-2018 03-02-2019
Microbiologist, Class-1 (Specialist Services) 18 15-11-2018 27-01-2019
Pathologist , Class-1 (Specialist Services) 16 15-11-2018 27-01-2019
ENT Surgeon, Class-1 (Specialist Services) 24 15-11-2018 27-01-2019
Radiologist, Class-1 (Specialist Services) 49 15-11-2018 27-01-2019
Assistant Director (Commissioner of Youth Services), Class-1 2 15-10-2018 20-01-2019
Joint Director (IT), Class-1 5 15-10-2018 20-01-2019
Archaeologist Engineer, Class-2 3 15-09-2018 06-01-2019
Curator, Class-2 9 15-09-2018 06-01-2019
Gujarat Engineering Services (Civil) Class- 1 and 2 25 15-10-2018 06-01-2019
Principal (Commissioner of Youth Services), Class-1 1 15-10-2018 06-01-2019
Superintendent Archaeologist, Class-2 5 15-09-2018 30-12-2018
Assistant Regional Transport Officer,Class-2 2 15-09-2018 30-12-2018
District Social Welfare Officer, Class-2 1 15-08-2018 23-12-2018
Horticulture Officer, Class-2 25 15-08-2018 23-12-2018
Medical Officer, Class-2 1350 15-08-2018 23-12-2018
Deputy Director, Class-I (ESIS) 2 15-09-2018 23-12-2018
Deputy Director, Archaeology and Museum Class-1 5 15-09-2018 23-12-2018
Deputy Section Officer / Deputy Mamlatdar, Class-3 287 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Lecturer (Anatomy), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Lecturer (Physiology), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Lecturer (Homeopathy Pharmacy), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Lecturer (Pathology), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Lecturer (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Lecturer (Homeopathy Materia Medica), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Lecturer (Oraganon of Medicine), Class-2 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-09-2018 16-12-2018
Professor (Homeopathic Materia Medica), Class-1 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-07-2018 25-11-2018
Professor (Organon of Medicine), Class-1 in Government Homeopathy College 1 15-07-2018 25-11-2018
Dowry Prohibition Officer, Class-2 4 15-08-2018 25-11-2018
Medical Insurance Officer (Allopathic), Class-2, (ESIS) 96 15-08-2018 25-11-2018
Analytical Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-2 3 15-07-2018 04-11-2018
Chief Officer, Municipalities, Class-3 7 15-07-2018 04-11-2018
Programme Officer (Woman and Child Development) , Class-1 1 15-07-2018 04-11-2018
Translator, Class-3 1 15-08-2018 04-11-2018
T. B. Officer, Class-1 1 15-08-2018 04-11-2018
Agriculture Officer, Class-2 35 15-08-2018 04-11-2018
Child Development Scheme Officer, Class-2 2 15-08-2018 04-11-2018
District Leprosy Officer, Class-1 2 15-09-2018 04-11-2018
Chief Officer, Municipalities, Class-2 4 15-07-2018 28-10-2018
Reader (Anatomy), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College 1 15-08-2018 28-10-2018
Reader (Physiology), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College 1 15-08-2018 28-10-2018
Reader (Homeopathy Pharmacy), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College 1 15-08-2018 28-10-2018
Reader (Pathology), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College 1 15-08-2018 28-10-2018
Reader (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College 1 15-08-2018 28-10-2018
Reader (Homeopathy Materia Medica), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College 1 15-08-2018 28-10-2018
Reader (Oraganon of Medicine), Class-1 in Govt. Homeopathy College 1 15-08-2018 28-10-2018
Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1 1 15-06-2018 27-10-2018
State Tax Inspector, Class-3 50 15-08-2018 21-10-2018
Assistant Director, Archaeology and Museum, Class-2 5 15-06-2018 07-10-2018
Senior Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1 1 15-06-2018 07-10-2018
Deputy Director (ESIS) Class-1 3 15-06-2018 07-10-2018
Gujarat Administrative Services Class-1 and Gujarat Civil Services Class-1&2 100 15-07-2018 07-10-2018
Administrative Officer (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-2 2 15-07-2018 07-10-2018
Industrial Promotion Officer (Commissioner of Cottage ), Class-2 17 15-07-2018 07-10-2018
Assistant Director of Horticulture, Class-2 2 15-07-2018 07-10-2018
Director, Archaeology and Museums, Class-1 1 15-06-2018 23-09-2018
Chief Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1 1 15-06-2018 23-09-2018
Child Marriage Prevention Officer-cum-District Social Welfare Officer, Class-2 1 15-06-2018 23-09-2018
Principal, Ideal Residential School, Developing Caste (Special Drive), Class-2 1 15-06-2018 23-09-2018
Principal, Gujarat Skill Training Services, Class-2 30 15-06-2018 23-09-2018
Ophthalmologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 1 15-05-2018 16-09-2018
ENT Surgeon, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 1 15-05-2018 16-09-2018
Microbiologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 18 15-05-2018 16-09-2018
Director, Library, Class-1 1 15-05-2018 16-09-2018
Assistant Commissioner of State Taxes, Class-1 15 15-07-2018 16-09-2018
Gynecologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 3 15-05-2018 09-09-2018
Pediatrician, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 2 15-05-2018 09-09-2018
Pathologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 1 15-05-2018 09-09-2018
Radiologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 3 15-05-2018 09-09-2018
Principal/Superintendent, Government Homeopathy College, Class-1 1 15-05-2018 09-09-2018
Principal, Gujarat Ayurveda Service, Class-1 4 15-05-2018 09-09-2018
Industrial Officer (Technical), Class-2 1 15-04-2018 19-08-2018
Surgeon, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 2 15-05-2018 19-08-2018
Anesthetist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) 1 15-05-2018 19-08-2018
Deputy Director (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1 1 15-04-2018 05-08-2018
Deputy Director Prohibition and Excise, Class-1 1 15-05-2018 05-08-2018
Deputy Director (Women and Child Development), Class-1 3 15-05-2018 05-08-2018
Tutor, Pathology Class-2 (Medical Cadre) 7 15-04-2018 22-07-2018
Assistant Commissioner of Industries, Class-1 6 15-04-2018 22-07-2018
Inspecting Officer, (Court Fees) Class-1 7 15-04-2018 22-07-2018
Administrative Officer, Directorate of Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathy, Class-1 1 15-05-2018 22-07-2018
Lecturer, Prosthetic and Orthotics Class-1 (Dental ) 2 15-04-2018 08-07-2018
Tutor, Pathology Class-2(Special Drive) (Medical Cadre) 15 15-04-2018 08-07-2018
Assistant Geologist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-2 3 15-04-2018 08-07-2018
Assistant Charity Commissioner, Class-1 11 15-04-2018 08-07-2018
Administrative Officer, Class-2 (E.S.I.S.) 8 15-04-2018 08-07-2018
Professor, Periodontology, Class-1 (Dental) 1 15-04-2018 01-07-2018
Professor, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Class-1 (Dental) 1 15-04-2018 01-07-2018
Assistant Professor, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Class-1 (Dental ) 2 15-04-2018 01-07-2018
Assistant Professor, Orthodontics and Dental Orthopaedic, Class-1 (Dental) 5 15-04-2018 01-07-2018
Assistant Professor Public Health Dentistry, Class-1 (Dental) 3 15-04-2018 01-07-2018
Professor, Oral Pathology and Microbiology, Class-1 (Dental) 2 15-04-2018 24-06-2018
Professor, Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridges, Class-1 (Dental) 2 15-04-2018 24-06-2018
Professor, Orthodontics and Danto facial Orthopaedics, Class-1 (Dental) 3 15-04-2018 24-06-2018
Professor, Paedodontics (Paediatric) and preventive dentistry, Class-1 (Dental) 1 15-04-2018 24-06-2018
Professor, Public Health Dentistry, Class-1 (Dental Cadre) 1 15-04-2018 24-06-2018

GPSC Upcoming Vacancy List 2018

  • GPSC Assistant Professor Recruitment 2018
  • Gujarat Education Services
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Municipal Executive Officer
  • District Minority Welfare Officer
  • Planning Officer/ District Planning Officer
  • Gujarat Registration Services
  • Gujarat Administrative Services
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Gujarat Election Services
  • District Military Welfare Officer
  • Assistant Prosecution Officer
  • Insurance Medical Officer
  • Veterinary Officer and others
  • Gujarat Jail Services
  • Assistant Grade III Posts in General, Depot, Technical and Account Cadres etc.
  • Gujarat Police Services and Police Superintendent
  • Gujarat Financial Services
  • Assistant Planning Officer and Asst. Project Officer/ Asst. Director
  • Gujarat Probation Services (Probation Officer)
  • Gujarat Labour Services etc

Latest Vacancy of GPSC Selection Procedure

Vacancy in the Gujarat Public Service Commission is made based via two methods that are mentioned below –

  1. Direct Recruitment/ Vacancy
  • Direct recruitment is done by Conducting exams in which the selection is done on the basis of either of the following processes.
  • Main (Written) Exam and Personal Interview (PI) of the successful students of the Pre Test prescribed under rules.
  • Written Examination & Personal Interview (PI)
  1. Promotional/ Posts Increment
  • Promotion is provided to civil servants by the Departmental Promotion team.
  • For this applicants must be employees of any Department of the commission.
  • Promotion is made by the candidates of the council, which are posted at the upper level.

Download GPSC Vacancy Calendar 2018-19 PDF

For More Details Visit Here:

GPSC Recruitment Calendar 2018

The GPSC Provide various golden opportunities to the candidates to join the Govt Jobs in Gujarat State. Applicants can grab the Govt Jobs offer via applying online and qualify all selection steps. If the Department will be made any changes or any Correction in the Examination Calendar then will be published it here so keep staying here regular. For More Details, the Candidates can visit the official website of this department. And also if the Candidates have any query or doubt about GPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 then they can come in the Comment Box to Discuss with us. Thanks

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